Friday, October 25, 2013

On flip-flops..?

we watched the marathon for a bit at the edge of the vondelpark, a huge park in amsterdam. these are all half-marathoneers, and at this point they had less than a mile to go before the finish line. my previous post showed some runners in morhsuits, but there were lots of other interestingly dressed runners. there was an elvis, for example, someone with a green wig and at least 2 vikings. i really wonder why people dress like that when they are running. to get noticed? i can only imagine how uncomfortable it must be, while the running itself is already uncomfortable, haha.
the above must be the most uncomfortable i have seen, they are joined in 1 t shirt! and only now, when looking at the picture, do i see that the woman is running on flip-flops!! they seem to be tied to her with strings... flip-flops! that many miles on flip-flops..? i sometimes even have a hard time just walking on them...