Thursday, August 5, 2010

Heavy rain

last night it was soooooo hot and humid! and this morning as well. and yes, that had to end in rain and thunder; a lot, this afternoon. luckily i was just in the lab, and now its nice and sunny again. it reminded me of the heavy rain we had when sylvia was here, and the subway flooded. i still had not posted a picture on that. so here it is... :) i like this one, since the water was really flowing like crazy, and the guy is just checking which line to take, as if his feet are not soaking wet.. :) it as really like the titanice, water was rushing down the stairs and from the platform. some people made movies of that, and posted them on the internet, in fact, if you look very careful, in some of them you can see sylvia and/or me!!
pfew... now im back on schedule again with daily pics.. its just... im so busy at the moment!! (sorry, therefore also only old pics... soon some new ones again, i hope)

American beach

however, this picture is from revere beach.. and in fact it was pretty nice there!

Dutch seaside

this was in the boston public library (beautiful library! we went there with sylvia). there was a display of old advertisements for places to go to. ofcourse i had to picture this one... :) and yes, the beaches in the netherlands seem nicer than the ones I saw around boston, so far... and no sharks!