Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dunkin' Donuts

im just wondering what kind of donuts they sell at this store? perhaps a "zeeuwse bolus" (some dutch treat). the slogan on dunkin' donuts; america runs on dunkin. i can make some bad jokes about that too, but i leave it up to you... :)
this was on our way from maine back to boston. perhaps in maine they dont really like dunkin' donuts? it was founded in boston, quincy actually, in 1950. and indeed, in/around boston you see these shops on every street corner. on some crossings at each of the 4 corners, i have once been told, but perhaps that was just "telling lies to innocent foreigners" (i did see 2 of the 4 corners occupied). and... to be honest, i really do not know WHY. their coffee is really terrible, and their donuts... well.. not that good either.
i remember the very first morning after we arrived in the us. we woke up in our temporary apartment in somerville, with an entirely empty fridge and hungry stomachs. we had no clue where to go, and just wandered around in the neighborhood, in searh of something to eat (and internet). then we finally found a dunkin donuts (by that time we were already a bit depressed), found out they had no internet, ordered something that was supposed to be breakfast... and got even more depressed...  ah well, quickly thereafter we found our way around and never had to go back there! :)