Monday, April 16, 2012

Marathon Monday

the entire weekend it was pleasantly warm. but today, monday, it was HOT! it was some 30 degrees celsius (86 F). being the third monday in april, it was patriot's day in massachusetts, and the boston marathon. a day off for some, but not for everyone... (although this morning in the subway it seemed we were the only ones headed for work).
in between work, we went to finally catch a glimpse of this famous marathon. by now it was the third time that we were in boston during this day, and we had never seen it! it was hot! so hot. and all we had to do was walk a little and watch... that was almost too much for me already.. imagine all those that just ran 26.2 miles (some 45 kilometres!!) in this weather.... unbelievable... but 27,000 people did just that today.
most of my pics were crappy, so above a picture that tim took. amazing how so many runners still could smile while at the end of the race. or perhaps just because of that; this was at the 26 mile-point, they were almost there...