Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane workshop

i cannot longer postpone it, i also have to write about irene, the hurricane. wherever you go, irene is there in some form or another. on the door of our apartment building, warning us to get enough "supplies", use flashlights and not candles when we will no longer have electricity. on the television, the newspaper, every store.... as im not that eloquent, this is what the free newspaper metro writes: "boston is expecting to get whacked with torrential downpours, heavy winds and potential flooding". and mind you, no newspaper on monday because of irene. boston will be without public transportation tomorrow, because of irene. and because of irene the home depot gave workshops on how to prepare, as you can see above. when i took a picture, a store employee came to me and introduced himself as the manager, asking me whether i found everything i needed. when i pointed at the sign and said i found it funny, he replied: "well, you do have to take this seriously! 1000 people came to the workshop!!" to which i could only reply: "you sure made some good money then, no?"
today we went for our weekly grocery shopping, of course exactly at the moment irene started her heavy rain (she came a few hours too early!!). in no time streets were flooded. it was interesting to see that most cars seemed to be heading to the liquor stores.... luckily our favorite supermarket still had everything we needed (i had seen on the news how people were hoarding water, food, batteries.. leaving shelves empty). since 2.30 this afternoon it has been raining on and off, but forecasts say tomorrow we really might see irene, which is why all public transport is suspended and everyone is asked to stay at home. according to cnn, 1 million houses are currently without electricity.
ah well.... lets see... i just checked the hurricane survival kit-list. we got most of it, although not the babyfood, nor the battery-operated radio. we do have the batteries and the manual can opener, but not the games. ah, i do not like games anyways...