Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sun rays

as the sun was setting, sun rays were just crossing these peaks in anza borrega state park, near san diego. it was so very pretty.
at the subway stations in boston they now continuously announce that you should report anything suspicious. they did this when we just arrived 3 years ago, but the past year or so i didnt hear it that much, until last monday. there is also more police on the streets and the national guard patrols the subway stations; at some places they inspect bags before you can enter, but so far not at "my" stations. some 12 blocks remain closed off to the public entirely, as well as the subway station close to where the explosions occurred. the thought that we walked that street so very often, and that we were watching the marathon last year around that area is just weird.
i can only be glad that neither me nor anyone i know was there when it happened, but so many others were not that lucky.....