Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Common sense

when dealing with "officials" here, i often have the feeling that common sense is lacking. like at the liquor store.
this billboard is at the highway leading you out of boston, next to the fenway baseball stadion. at first i could not believe it, but i think it is actually meant to be against guns. i have been reading a little about gun possession in the US, and now i feel less comfortable, i have to say. in 1997, 40% of the households in the US reported to have a gun in their home. in total, there were ~44 000 000 gun owners, which means that 25% of all adults have a gun!! every fourth person!!! 11% of them say they just (?) use it for hunting, meaning the other 90% use it for.... ? i also found a pro-gun website where they state that it is ridiculous that guns are not allowed in schools.
well, let me just have my alcohol, then....

Oranje oranje!

orange line, american flag, 2 dutch and 1 german (taking the picture) in orange... ready for the soccer match... ! and then we lost... :( ah well... maybe it was because the bright orange bag i am holding in fact is our laundry bag that says "grimy". but it is the most orange thing i possess!!!
too bad weekend is over.