Sunday, June 10, 2012

Watching whales...

i guess yesterdays sunflowers helped; it was very sunny and warm today! we got up quite early, baked some bread (yumyumyum!!) and drove to gloucester. an hour or so from our apartment. there we got loaded onto a boat with many, many other people. whale sighting was guaranteed, and if not, you would get a season's pass to come back whenever (i dont know whether the whales ON the boat were regarded as sightings...). finally, we set off... for... cape cod... hahaha. we first drove an hour north just to sail down south.... it was more than a 2 hour boatride before we arrived at the whales territory where they were having lunch, dinner and breakfast.... despite the sun it was pretty chilly! the sea however was silky smooth, without any waves. we first saw a huge shark, which was amazing... click click click. and then we saw a few whales. click click click again... :D i kept thinking; should i watch, or should i watch through my lens...? i did both. it was really cool to see. they are sooo huge! their breathing ofcourse was funny (just like in the movies, hahahahaha), and their diving down. only one we saw did a tiny little trick, that you can see above. i could "just" see it; there were too many people in front of me to take a picture of it, but tim did! (a photoshopmaster then would magically erase and refill the right corner... but im not. so ijust give it to you as is). isnt that cool? it was quite spetacular to see them, even without any tricks orjumping in the air or whatever.i canonly imagine how amazing that would be!!
and then after a while of wathcing them swimming around, and saying ooh and aaaahhh! and tons of pics with a huge black shiny thing in the ocean, sometimes their fins, it was time to get back again, another 2 hours.... so now i have a tiny little sunburn and a lot of sleep! good night!