Monday, November 15, 2010

Cheapos too!

when waiting at the cashier in the supermarket (which can take very long....), i always see these gossip magazines. i guess the above picture would fit in there, no? :) have no clue whether these 2 are in fact celebrities.. most likely not. at first i didnt even see them, but tim kept talking about those 2 that look like they are each other's accessory.
this was at boylston street in boston, yesterday. we went to the marshalls there, a store that sells stuff that regular shops no longer sell, and thus with (quite) some discount. ah yes, we like discount (now arent we dutch)! or free entrance... :) and isnt it ages ago that i went to a regular bookstore, now that i discovered the used bookstore?
we had a laugh when this fabulous couple entered the store as well... ah well, maybe they took marshall's slogan too literal: "dont pass up fabulous, just pay less for it"