Saturday, March 5, 2011

Building structure

this was in the mall in providence. i thought it was pretty and took out my camera. i was not entirely satisfied with the image above, and wanted to take more photos. but then 2 nearby security officers with stupid hats and barely 20 years old (or younger; they looked real young) told me that it was not allowed to take pictures of the building. why not? because the building manager does not want it. oh, but is that legal? yes, you are on his property, so he makes the rules. you could ask him, but he is not here on weekends, so right now we have to ask you to stop taking pictures. yes, we understand it is annoying, and we often have to explain this to many people, as they like the building and.. blablablabla... then they told us that it was allowed to take pictures with a normal camera, rather than a professional camera (should i have told them i still have to read the manual?), and it would be ok to take pictures of each other with phones and so on as this is something they cannot prohibit. but yes, yes, with professional cameras, and after 9/11, you know.. malls like this have become potential terrorist targets, and you might be here to photograph the structure of the building! (so i presume its also not allowed to post this pic online, since people with bad intentions can now see the structure of part of the mall!!)
so... you have to do it with this pic.... and my boring account of speaking with these 2 securiy officers... :)

Sleeping away...

whoopsa.... and another evening lost sleeping on the couch. how frustrating when you wake up and realize you were not in the most comfortable position and everything became numb... worst of all; now you have to drag yourselves to the bed and try to fall asleep again.
too tired and sleepy to really make an effort for this post.., this was a while ago at a parking lot in somerville... :) good night!
i just found this on the internet, its a video on you tube made in a neighbourhood in utrecht where i lived for a few months, its really amazing, all those birds giving away an air show...!