Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Expressing emotions...

guess at what kind of cemetery this picture was taken....... this stone belongs to Iko, who lived from 1991 till 2004.
yes, at a pet cemetery! this is the pine ridge pet cemetery in dedham, a little south of boston. i found it accidentally, while searching for cemeteries in the neighborhood. no clue what to expect we went there. all stones were alike, but their texts differed greatly. what most of them had in common, was a great display of emotions. tim said he was deeply moved. he was laughing, too. but then i realized he really was. and he was right. there was sooo much more emotion expressed about these lost pets than i ever saw on any cemetery for people!! something i am always looking for, but hardly ever find.
why is it that it is so much easier to say something sweet about your pet than about your husband? wife? father, mother? etc...? 
it really made me wonder..... let me think a little more before i pose a conlcusion! :)
here some more pictures of this cemetery. unfortunately we could only visit the new section. there is also an old section (with graves from the early 1900s!!) further up the hill (thats probably prettier), but the cemetery was right next to an animal shelter that just started renovation and the old part was not accessible.
and here are my fellow taphophiles!!