Monday, May 27, 2013

Tim clown

before we started the horrible task of packing (its worse than i thought. beeehhh. i moved quite a few times too often during my PhD, but at least that was within one city, certainly makes things easier...), we went to say goodbye to new york. dont know whether new york was sad too, or just didnt want to give us nice weather; it was freaking cold! and raining most of the time.... :( beeehhhh. not what we expected this time of the year! this is at coney island, which was even more sad with the cold weather and most attractions closed....
today we got rid of some furniture, now we dont have lamps in the bedroom anymore... :) someone else came to pick up the espresso machine, and the lady wanting the chairs canceled at the last moment (oh, craigslist.. great for buying, not for selling), another lady picked up some other chairs, and she also took one of the plants... (yaajj! i dont want my plants ending up in the trash...). the apartment is still a giant mess, but it seems the packing is almost done... i guess the stress levels will go down a bit once the mover has taken the boxes (and approved their weight... i quite worry about that).