Friday, June 21, 2013

American eagle

we were at the forest hills cemetery in boston the other day, and suddenly we found a grave with a huge eagle on it. here you see a part. it was really huge and quite intimidating... :) and, to me, very american.... :)
its on the grave of 2nd lieutenant kitchell snow who was killed in 1923 (thats how its on his grave; born 1899, killed 1923). so far, i cannot find much more, other than that he was a pilot and landed the first plane on what is now boston logan airport (then still a tiny piece of land), in 1923, just a month before he died.
i will be having my last weekend in boston. it will be mostly consisting of emptying out the apartment and worrying whether everything will fit in my suitcases (maybe i should start packing so that i know!), and whether there are things i forgot to do/arrange etc....