Monday, August 23, 2010

Waiting for..

the rain to stop. its raining since yesterday early afternoon. i guess actually already morning. we had the entire pool to ourselves, because of that (jeej!). but it was also the first time in weeks i am wearing a jacket, and that we didnt have lunch outside. but, today i was told last summer the weather was pretty much like this all the time. how lucky are we to arrive this year! :)
above is between prudential and the scientist church; i think this is the library. that day it was also raining a lot (when the subway flooded), and this woman was waiting for it to stop, until she realized it wasnt going to stop for quite a while, and just went into the pouring rain.... i took several pictures while approaching her, but they all turned out crappy, and as usual, the first one was the best.. (but.. this one is not sharp either, as quite some of my pics, and it annoys me a LOT! wondering whether a better camera would solve that problem? see, thats how little knowledge i have of photography.. grrr.. that also annoys me..)

No exit

at state street, orange line (as can be seen above). not that i thought it was an exit in the first place, but now it made me wonder what is behind that wall! there is currently more police at the subway stations since they hypothesize that airports nowadays are so well protected against terrorists, it is likely that terrorists shift their focus to crowded subway stations. so, they every now and then take a bunch of policemen-machoguys and plant them behind a table at the entrance of a subway station. then they pick out people that they think need their bags searched (see previous post). besides, as extensively described in the newspaper this morning, they are testing gases in subway tunnels, as there is not only fear of bad people blowing up trains, but also of biological and chemical attacks, which are "just as lethal and perhaps harder to combat". what they do is releasing inert, odorless gas and particle tracers into the subway system and then they study how fast it spreads and when its gone again. apparently they already did that in decemeber, but since airflow changes based on weather, they want to see whether and how its now different....
well, it started raining yesterday and is supposed not to stop before tomorrow... will they also test it when its hot and dry again?