Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Groovy oak

our "living community" is called oak grove village, but i always refer to it as the "groovy oak". since we dont have internet at our apartment (or only when i manage to pick up the signal with my macbook, and usually it only works for a few minutes), we just went down to sit by the pool... in which we swam every evening the past few days!! our apartment is in the right corner, those five windows (the right 3 are living room, the left 2 bedroom). isnt it lovely.....
but then the security guard came and said that the pool side is closed after 20.30. after that time it is too dangerous to be close to the water, or something like that, apparently....

Oranje you..

...glad that the Dutch won? (as is on the front page of the Metro newspaper). it took tims explanation for me to understand that it is a funny word play: or arent you happy that the dutch won? so that was my first soccergame in a boston cafe together with all the other bostonian dutch..
as the article says: "after decades of failure, the netherlands is just one game away from world cup glory" and: "the Oranje celebrated heartily after the victory. television shots showed similarly raucous parties in the netherlands" (should i inform them about the S missing?).
anyways, it was fun to observe all these dutch people, unfortunately all the pics i took were rather crappy. and i am pretty sure the dutch here did not go as crazy as the dutch back home. in fact, it was a little lame... :) now i do have to get an orange tshirt to watch the finals in! (i was one of the few not wearing an orange shirt; although there was some orange in my new skirt!).