Sunday, October 3, 2010

October 2

this is at oak grove, orange line, on october 2nd as you can see on the MBTA message board. and this lady was my first model with my new.... yesssss..... new camera!!!! every year on october 2nd since a while now, i become a year older, and yesterday it was that day again. tim didnt ask me what i wanted, and just gave me what i most desired...! great, i didnt have to choose and most likely i would have gone on saying for another year that a better camera... but now i have it! i now can write on the side of this blog.. "i shoot with a... blablabla" HAHAHAHA. but, i am very very happy. i do have to practise, because it is quite different (and more heavy). surely i forgot to remove the lens cap several times yesterday, for one thing.. but luckily the manual really really starts from the beginning; they warn you to take some test shots before going for the real thing.
ofcourse there is still my fear of photographing people, although i like that most. but this lady most likely was hired by tim or so. she was dressed very stylishly and she was walking very slowly, and from behind you wouldnt say she was at least 60 years old. so she stood there for me, turned around slowly, and i took pictures.... :)
i think tim also arranged the weather; it was amazing... october, and sooooo sunny and warm!!