Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cutest couple

now isnt that just the cutest couple you ever saw?!! (im not talking about the accidental selfportrait here in the window ;)) while walking on boylston (yup, yet another picture taken on my birthday), we passed by this cafe/restaurant and saw a bee and a bird having an early dinner/late lunch. they invited me to take pictures and so i gladly did! yes, everyone posed for me.. :) i needed tims explanation why they were dressed like that (as usual), although they gave us a card and said we should visit the website increaseyourchances. just had a look and apparently many bees and birds swarmed around boston last weekend, they were there to make people aware that 1 out of 8 couples have difficulty conceiving, and that often this is treatable. for another very nice pic of a bee; click here.
by the way, in dutch its flowers and bees ("bloemetjes en bijtjes"), which actually is more logic from a biological perspective, right?