Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Silver glow

snow has started!!
im curious how much we get this time, and where they are going to put it all....
this was last week, or maybe already the week before... it was so sunny. and then the snow... looked like a silver world to me... :)

Boston common

is really pretty during a snow storm... and i wasnt the only one who thought so... :)
in the back you see people with all kinds of inflatable things to sleigh off the hills in the park..
monday it was freaking cold, -17 degrees celsius in the morning (tim went to new hampshire for snowboarding and there it was -25, with the wind probably even colder; crazy), now its less cold, but its expected to snow yet again starting this evening, leaving us tomorrow with another thick pack of snow!! i dont know where they are all going to put it, alongside the roads is already so much snow!!! :)