Monday, April 15, 2013

From Boston

this is from last years boston marathon, and i was very enchanted by the shiny thermal blankets all the runners received at the finish.
today's finish became quite a different one. i planned on being there, right at the finish like last year. right around 2.30 - 3pm as then some participants me and my colleagues knew were likely going to cross that finish line. but labwork got in the way, and we never walked over to have a look. the first online news site mentioned "explosions, finish and boston marathon" just 10 minutes after it happened. at that moment nobody had any clue what was going on, if something was really going on and what it actually meant. but pretty soon photos, videos and reports from people at the scene were surfacing and we were all just shocked. i am glad i didnt manage to go there, and can only imagine the horror and chaos all those people there at the wrong time and at the wrong place must have gone through.... :(