Monday, June 21, 2010

Emergency traffic

and yes, on saturday there was yet another accident in or street, now almost in front of our house, we were just walking inside when there was a loud BANG (but not as loud as on wednesday). again the police was there very fast. with every accident, also a fire truck (but this, and previous time there were even 2) and an ambulance comes (i actually wanted a pic with all the cars there, but right at that moment my battery was of course empty). the ambulance barely stopped and then left again: it was not needed. also the large fire truck was not needed at all, and the smaller just was cleaning the street (but left the remnants on the street! instead of really removing it). all these trucks did cause a small traffic jam, but luckily not another accident.
driving here, or well, being on the street here is dangerous! you always have to be careful, everyone ignores each other and only thinks: i go first.. no matter what...