Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bubble rock

on sunday we went to see the bubble rock. it was the funny name that made me have a closer look, and it turned out this trail would show us a "giant glacial erratic that was left on top of bubble mountain during the last ice age". here you see it, with some cute kids that were instructed to pose as if they are pushing it off the mountain. it took quite a while for the mom to have their kids do what she told them.. :) (their dad above taking pictures, too afraid himself to go down as we heard his wife say).
me and tim have some discussion about this picture, but i am certain i am the one who took it... the trail towards it was not very long, and designated as "moderate". luckily tim had forbidden me to take my not very useful bag (thats why we had to share the camera), because the path suddenly became very steep, and difficult. at some point i had to get myself in between a cleft in the mountain and hoist myself up. but i did not fit, or... i thought.. if i would fit, i would get stuck. slight panic attack, but i managed (with tims help). the girls that came after us were scared too, so i wasnt the only one! it was, however, very beautiful, although scary to be so close to edge of a cliff, nothingness beneath you... here you can see me "climbing".
and this rock that looks like it can fall off anytime was impressive too. ofcourse we took some photos similar as above, here you can see them, but all the time i was a little afraid that upon my touch it would drop down (with me in its wake).