Friday, October 28, 2011

Interesting sky

last week we had a very interesting sky! it looked as if it was about to rain, storm or whatever kind of bad weather, but in the end not much happened..
just discovered i can just cut out m fisheye pics, then they look much nicer!
this is at our apartment complex, with the perfect green lawns..... clean streets, and just cars.. (you are not allowed to park your bike somewhere outside; it will make it look ugly and less perfect, as you may understand)

Some snow!!

no..... it doesnt look like this, yet. but... last night rain suddenly turned into snow! and while here it didnt really stay on the ground, in some other places (further inlands) it did! and now its really cold., it looks like it has been freezing overnight... beeehhh. apparently, its not normal to have snow already in october.... so i hope the temperature will go back up a little again.
(the internet did not work yesterday, and now its also not working very well.. :( )