Thursday, October 28, 2010

Police explain

this picture was taken when obama was in boston. i can readily imagine how this lady is babbling on and on and on, but none of the police officers is actually listening... "officers, please explain me why nowadays.. blabllabla.." i didnt like the one with the glasses, he was on a motorcycle and when parking it in front of the convention center took the right of way and let a mother with 2 small children back away, while it was overcrowded there! this morning there was an article in the metro newspaper questioning whether police officers used excessive violence while arresting a 16-year old at  the roxbury college. this arrest was taped and can be seen on youtube. i myself dont want to watch the entire thing, but the beginning looks bad. ofcourse, i have no clue what this kid did, but fact is, he is only 16 and about 10 officers (!! were they taking turns on the beating?) were dealing with him at the same time. this part of the news report i found particularly stupid; "the teen allegedly grabbed the officers handcuffs and started flailing, which can be very dangerous", the Commissioner said. and: "3 officers were taken to the hospital". once again, i never hope to get into contact with "the emergency services".
other than that; today was a truly scrumptious day! it was like a sunny summer-day, only the trees gave away to true season we are currently in...