Monday, September 12, 2011

Fallen firefighters

this sculpture is at the state house, in boston, and i actually had never seen it before. we saw it on sunday, while walking by. i had to take the picture through the gates, you could not get to the statue. perhaps on other days you can, i dont know! i also never visited the state house... and i would like to see both. once.. :) the sculpture was designed by a local artist, robert shure.
this sculpture is there sine september 11, 2007, and is a tribute "to the spirit, courage and dedication of past, present and future firefighters. each year an annual ceremony is held on september 11 to honor the fire community and unveil the names that have been added that year. currently 701 names are included within the Ring of Honor." too late we realized we maybe should have gone to a memorial, on sunday. but we were both somehow extremely lazy and tired yesterday... so, we should do that next year.
i also discovered there is a 9/11 memorial at the boston logan airport. the planes flying into the twin towers departed from boston. of which i was unaware as well. perhaps i go see that memorial one day or another..