Friday, November 5, 2010

Subway romance

this picture is crooked. nevertheless.... i liked it. this is an advertisement from a bank, and currently many subways have such big green shouts on the ground. i like this one most (or rather, the other ones are just boring texts, this one you can still take in a funny way; and yup, i did wait a little for this MBTA worker to look down. although on his phone... :)
apparently they did a craigslist study, and found that Park Street, where the red and green line get together (and to which you can walk from the orange line, undergrounds), is the most romantic T stop in Boston. hahahahahaha! how did they determine that? they studied the "missed connections" posts on craigslist, and park street came up most... how scientific! no really, they even have an abbreviation for it; the TRIST index (Train Romance Index Score Total), and they did some real calculations, taking into account the number of average daily users of the particular stop divided (or multiplied, i forgot.. :D) by the number of missed connections on craigslist... 
so, to sum it all up: in Boston, Park Street is the most likely place to find a mate. (above is at harvard square; is he checking the missed connections-section? this stop is on third place by means of TRIST score)
ah, but actually i do not agree with that! its the most likely place to find someone of interest that you then let go, and then have to find back again by means of craigslist... pfew... how complicated...!
(oh, btw... i read today also that transit officers are more often checking whether you paid your fare, so... when seeing your "mate", dont just jump after her/him into the train; pay first!!)