Saturday, June 5, 2010

Getting furniture

.... is supereasy in boston! i love craigslist, there is soooo much.. for free, or just a little (the red chairs perfectly fit the table, i think, and they were very cheap). and the table, as mentioned before, we got from a yardsale across the street, which are also great... every weekend its like queen's day somewhere around. i dont need to (or try not to) buy new books anymore, you find easily books in yard sales, goodwill stores, or thrift stores, and never more than a dollar... :)
then today we also got a verrrryyy nice armoire (i like the word) for almost nothing; now i finally have a place to put my underwear etc.., and a big, beautiful bookshelf for free!!! when we came to pick it up, the girl also gave us 2 lamps she did not need anymore, and they are also pretty!
so... i think by now we have our household more or less complete, and for very little money :) only very important thing that is still missing, is a good bed.... and thats not so easy here...
and when one day we leave boston... we can do a yardsale ourselves... and sell/give it very cheap to others like us! :)

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Tim said...

and they sit nice! :)