Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dutch delicacy

i have not been home in 2011... by now i have not been to the netherlands in over a year, and i really start to miss little things (the big things i missed before, already... haha). one of the things that more and more came to mind when having breakfast or lunch is pictured above. a delicious slice of bread with chocolate sprinkles! yes, this is what the dutch eat on a regular basis, and yes, this surprises everyone not from the netherlands. and no... those sprinkles are not entirely the same as the ones you use for baking, to just add that little extra to a pie or cupcake. i found that out the hard way... :) just 2 weeks ago i could only think about a "boterham met hagelslag" (a slice of bread (boterham) with (met) chocolate sprinkles (hagelslag)). when we were in the baking section of the supermarket, i decided to buy such a little box with the baking sprinkles. i almost bought 2, as they were only 1,50 a piece.... at home, i did not put the box in the cupboard, as not to forget it during breakfast the next morning. but surely, i didnt forget it, it was the first thing on my mind when waking up. we toasted some bread, i put on some butter, covered it well with the sprinkles... and was disappointed right after the first bite. ofcourse the taste was wrong! beeehhh, this was so not hagelslag..! :(
luckily... our dutch neighbor is much more knowledgeable about where to get dutch stuff in the usa than we are, and she happened to go to a dutch store somewhere around boston. she got us a real, dutch box of chocolate sprinkles!! yumyuymyum. thats what you see above... the most real bread we have been able to find at our supermarket, toasted and buttered, and then real dutch hagelslag. hmmmmm. a true delicacy. for a dutch living abroad that is..... :)
ah, and hagelslag literally means "hailstorm". now isnt that funny...?
if you want to try some hagelslag, either "melk" (milk chocolate), or "puur" (bittersweet), just order from this website!