Monday, July 26, 2010

Abandoned carts

this is completely normal here, and i HATE it. people shop. people use a cart. people put their stuff in their cars and they just leave the cart where it is. despite the many places closeby where you can bring your cart. often its windy and the carts just dance around...
why is it soooo hard just to bring it back? dont they care about their own/other people's car?! so wherever we go, there is always someone from the shop busy collecting all these carts to bring them back to the entrance. maybe people just leave them to create more jobs...?!

Kennedy library

on sunday we had a more or less random walk along the Dorchester bay. in one of our many travel guides it was said to be a nice walk, and beach. well, the beach was very shitty and looked so dirty! i think we then went the other way than our guide advised. they really made an effort to construct a nice path along the sea... closeby there is an apartment complex, the first apartment we almost rented while still in the netherlands.. luckily i read some reviews before we made a nonrefundable payment.... now we could see for ourselves, it just did not look nice there despite the nice walkway, the views remained shitty, and the beach non-existent (they have this advertisement: live by the sea, close to the T; both is NOT true!!)
walking along we stumbled upon an interesting building, which turned out to be the JFK library! from the outside it looked already interesting, from the inside it was impressive...! i am not sure whether we had to pay for this (we didnt). there was also a museum about Kennedy, but it was closed already. anyways, there was this huge glass construction, looking out over the sea, with an enormous american flag hanging from the ceiling. looking at the pictures i took i am sooo frustrated! none of them captures how it looked.... :( therefore this one, the guy in the corner was really making an effort while photographing. he placed himself in all kind of gymnastic positions... but honestly, i am not sure whether his pics were any better...