Thursday, January 24, 2013

Icy cold!

wow, its cold! especially when the wind is blowing...
but, still no pretty white boston. just salt. and wind. and cold.
so another road trip photo... :)

Who's crazier?

above a picture when your thickest wintercoat, a hat (or 2), a scarf and gloves were not necessary. its suddenly real cold!! -15C (9F) this morning, but combined with the wind feeling like -28C (-8F). whatever the latter means... its just cold! finally i can wear all those nice hats and gloves and scarfs... :D
last night we were in a very full orange line. it was so full that i could not hold myself onto something, but since there were so many people, that wasnt really necessary anyways. at some point a guy nearby with headphones on started singing some musical song pretty loud. some eye rolling and giggles were exchanged between other passengers, as he went on and on and on. then he got a call, and everyone got to join in on his conversation as he was talking soo very loud! it was mostly about nothing, and the person he was talking to apparently was waiting at the station we were soon to reach. the guy stepped out of the train and screamed her name several times. really, really loud. at that point another guy suddenly shouted; "enough!! enough! stop it! no more barbara or whatever her name is. no more singing!! there are other people in this train. enough!" now we suddenly had a screaming person on either side of us, and i wasnt sure anymore which one was more crazy. the singing guy sort of ignored the angry guy, and just continued his loud phone conversation with the person who stepped into the train somewhere else. the angry guy did not like that, and while we were approaching our final stop, he ostentatiously (this word sounds better in dutch) took out his phone.... if possible, he was speaking even more loudly than the singing guy, reporting the above... now more people were looking weary at him than the singing guy. after a thorough description of singing guy (which in itself could be a reason for singing guy to become very angry, but he didnt seem to be the angry kind, just weird and oblivious), angry guy went on to report that he was afraid (!!), as he spoke up to singing guy and feared there would be retaliation of some sort. by now, the train had reached its final stop and everyone was rushing out. he remained on the platform, on the phone. quite weird if you are so afraid of the person opposite of you, now coming out too.... but... singing guy just happily walked on, still talking on the phone, while the angry guy...? i dont know... but he surely won the weirdness competition, in my opinion...