Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dutch desert!!

no, not a dutch dessert... but a desert! there actually is some desert in the netherlands and we walked through it on wednesday during our little getaway. its about 14 square miles and aside from sand, there is quite some vegetation at some places, as you can see here! usually this area is called the Loonse and Drunense dunes, but dunes we have enough, so i think its more impressive to call it a desert :) in the tiny netherlands...... on summer days it can really get hot here (especially for the dutch).
we had a really pretty and oh so quiet walk, so very nice. even though it was october, it was warm enough to walk without a jacket, a real treat. the wind makes sure this landscape is changing continuously. we didnt see too many people, only one other couple. they were exhausted after trudging through the sand. it was indeed pretty tiring, but for us it was fine..., although the lady mentioned that we had it easier as we brought our cameras; a nice excuse to stop every now and then to catch your breath (eehhm, to take a picture..).