Monday, November 3, 2014

Dutch light

we have had remarkable weather the past weeks. sometimes typical dutch weather; very grey, and lots of rain and wind. but unseasonable warm days as well. like last weekend. the first weekend of november, when its supposed to be grey and cold.... instead it was bright and sunny, even warm, almost! (although a bit windy on sunday). today we are back to dutch autumn; grey skies, wind, and quite some rain.
but the above you see often as well in the netherlands. this kind of sky, and this kind of meadows with cows (or sheep), surrounded by water. and next to it the road for biking (or driving).
when travelling home from work, i often still realize how happy i am to be working again, finally. even though i need to travel quite a bit to get to work and back (it easily takes well over 3 hours of travelling each day). it does mean i get home, rush to the gym (not every day but i try to go as often as possible during the week), eat something and.... well.... dont do much after that as the next day the alarm clock goes off early again. tim is still on the other side of the country during the week and thats quite an adjustment too..... the blog? i often think about it when in bed already. i do take pictures, and so often i think; ah, thats something i would like to show.... and then... well, nothing.... :)