Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Presidential debate

tonight was the first presidential debate between obama and romney. i was so very curious and really wanted to see it! im not that interested in politics, but now that we are living in the us and the elections are getting closer, i start to get interested. living here on a simple visa of course does not give me any right; im not allowed to vote; only real americans are (i.e. also on a green card voting is not one of your rights, at least not for national elections; local elections depend on the state you live in).
as we dont have a tv, and its more fun to watch the debate with (at least one) real american, we were going to watch it in a friend's apartment. jeeejjj! that would be fun! as superhealthy people (when did that happen?!), we first went home to go to the gym and have a healthy homemade meal (im into soups now, even though i never liked soup!), with homemade bread made in my beautiful birthday present (a heavy cast-iron pan, which also doubles as weight to train my arms...). unfortunately already in the gym, before dinner (so it wasnt my cooking!!), i didnt feel good... and it didnt get better... :( so i had to stay home while tim went to watch the debate with everyone else. at least, as opposed to the olympics, i found youtube live-streamed the event, so i could watch it too.
bbuuuuugghhh! let me just say i was bored, most likely because i had to listen to all that mumbling by myself, without getting immediate comments/explanations from a real american... ;) 
above is somewhere in massachusetts. i dont know what kind of building it was (i remember i thought it was some sort of public building, like an office or something...), but i thought it was funny to see 2 different opinions there....