Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello Boston!

yup... today we went back to boston. buuuuhhhh, i didnt want to leave that warm weather and blue ocean... but on the other hand i am looking forward to my own bed, and some selfmade meals again. beeghhh, thats what i dont like about staying in hotels; what to do with dinner?! but h/motels turned out to be cheaper and easier than for example airbnb (which was our original plan). also... (un)packing the suitcase was not something i enjoyed, and having to choose in advance what you will wear (i always bring too much and never what i want to wear), the dirty laundry you accumulate, and how all that stuff never fits into your suitcase anymore when going home, while it did neatly and perfectly when packing for the trip.
it was beautiful! we saw so much, and so many different things. different landscapes, incomparable cities and climates.. etc etc. we slept in 6 different places, crossed parts of 4 different states and drove approximately 1865 miles! (or... tim did, i should say. thats 3000 km!!), i took almost 2000 photos (but those need to be sorted out yet), and saw even more that i didnt photograph...
above is around boston. i liked this one... you can interpret it however you like.... ah yes, we also saw many, many such slogans during our trip. some i photographed, some i would like to remember (should i write them down before i forget or is that weird?), some that made me laugh, and many that i already forgot... one day or another i will post them... the first load of laundry is done already, and now its time for my own bed. jeeejjjj!!
ah, i would almost forget; this is my conclusion: the us of a is very, very beautiful, and unbelievably ugly. sometimes its either one of those, sometimes its both at the same time. anyways; now i even want to see more of this country!

Miami beach

the last day of 2012 2011 (!!) we went to miami beach and swam in the ocean! it was so pretty and blue, and very sunny and warm... i never swam in the ocean in december!! i also never swam in the ocean in/around boston, not even in summer as the water does not look as attractive as it did here... (actually it looks rather dirty).
these 3 pretty ladies were lying close to us, and i could not resist taking a picture... :) after that we walked around on ocean drive lined with art deco houses/hotels/clubs, it looked fancy and pretty. it was so crowded! (and many, many german people, i noticed). in the evening we dressed up and went by publi transport back to the city, for new year's eve. public transport in downtown miami is free! it was called the "metromover" and was without an operator, so you could sit in the front and have an amazing view of miami (too bad we didnt do it during the day). we were stupid to arrive too early, at 8 we were downtown... we walked around a bit and saw the urban jungle. it was as interesting as the tour through the everglades, with all the dressed up people, and the women with impossibly high heels (i noticed that women are much more dressed up here anyways than in boston. in boston it seems everyone goes in pyjamas to the mall, here they walked around in stiletto-heels and short skirts). it was great people watching, but around 10 we had enough... and... boring as we are... we just went back to the hotel... and had champagne in the jacuzzi.. which proved to be difficult too; it was far too hot to sit in that thing until midnight!! hahaha. we missed all the fireworks in miami, but thats ok with me..

First sunset

of 2012 we saw on key west, the southernmost point of the usa! quite a drive from miami, but it was worth it... :) ofcourse, in reality it was so much better... 
i liked the pelicans, you see 2 above. there are so many exotic birds around here, i like that so much! unfortunately i did not see any flamingos.... :( buuuuh. 
now we are both completely exhausted. holidays are quite tiring! ;) 
as i missed some posts last year (i did not do 365), i will post some more from the holiday later on. now its time for bed.