Thursday, March 22, 2012

Third day....

.... of spring!! and it was almost 30 degrees C!! (above 80 F). so yes.. we worked hard in the morning and hardly in the afternoon (tims legs and my foot are the proof!). it was too good to be true. and actually the very first time we went to a beach around boston (good harbor beach, close to gloucester), spread a blanket and took in some sun. i guess we never did that because in summer its too hot and crowded, and we have a pool at our apartment complex! 
today, some people (very few) even went into the water, but we didnt try. it was really crowded, the parking lot was almost full... (and still without charge as its not yet paid-parking-at-the-beach-season). tomorrow it will be less warm and then we are headed towards colder weather again. hmmpf. im hoping for rain on saturday so we are forced to stay inside and finally file our taxes (beeeeghh).