Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hup Holland!

we were away for a few days to a place with no internet. but still in the netherlands.... :) (later more about that). so... we missed the first game the dutch played in the world cup.... no tv either. but.... around us we sort of could hear when there was a goal for the dutch. somehow i did not expect the dutch had won (and with 5-1!), as there wasnt a lot of noise after the game. the next day we continued to wonder whether they had won or not..... 
whaha. like this it sounds like i really care about soccer, but actually i dont. we didnt dress up in orange for the game, but we saw many who did (although the above photo was taken during kings day), and many people also decorated their house/and or the entire street... i guess this orange fever will get worse with each winning game...... lets see!