Monday, May 17, 2010

Many steps

at Porter square subway station you have these very long stairs... once walked up them instead of taking the escalator. once youre up, there is another set of stairs... yesterday we went from porter sq to park street. all the way there was a man telling stuff in a very very loud voice to a guy who seemed really interested, but only was nodding.
at park the talkative guy also got out, continuing his story until the metro left. and then this is what he said to some girl he certainly did not know: "hey you. jeezz, you look like a kid! you know that? you really look like a kid! you must hear that a lot! how old are you?" '20'. "ah well, you really look like a kid, like 15 or so..!" and then he walked on while she got up the stairs. weird, no?

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