Sunday, May 16, 2010

Two packages

jeeejjj! my parents sent me these 2 packages..! more clothes, and some stuff i could not find here but really wanted to have. of course they delivered it at home on friday but then i was at work. thus i needed to come get them at the post office. luckily we just got this typical american (!!) shopping cart this week, otherwise it would have been a little difficult to transport them...
unfortunately both packages were ripped open on one side (why/how/when?), and they hadnt bothered to tape them again... so now i keep wondering what all i lost... :(( (for sure one bike-light. i only have the red one; they are soooooo expensive here, like 20 dollars at least for a set). ah yes, the word "like" i should use more often to become a real american!

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Tim said...

look its mailman! to the rescue