Monday, July 11, 2011

The extraordinary..

in the ordinary. that kind of photos i like a lot... like this one, for example. each time i see that pic, i have to laugh! picking up your dog's shit is perfectly normal here, as are perfect wedding photos, but the 2 dont usually go together.
above is funny too, with the tree rat! i didnt take this pic, however, it was tim. i saw him taking this pic, but i thought "ow, boring, just someone reading in the sun". hahahha, didnt look careful enough!
yesterday's post generated a lot of responses, that was interesting. i am still thinking about it. i guess this is the solution; everyone, especially those against "taking pictures of strangers" (or watching strangers, for that matter, in particular children) should watch minority report. that movie shows perfectly why people cannot be punished (or whatever) for something they have not (yet) done... it is entirely possible they never will! moreover, free will is not possible when your every move is regarded as potentially malicious. that brings us to 1984 from george orwell: we already have the security cameras.... lets leave it at that!


Anonymous said...

11:09 anon from yesterday again.

Anyone who disagrees with taking pictures of strangers should watch a Tom Cruise movie? Really? That's your solution? You think we already have Orwell's 1984, so no one should dare complain about you taking pictures of strangers?

The "photos of strangers" are not people incidentally caught in the background, they are deliberately made the subject of the photograph. While it may be that you're going to continue to do whatever you want to do, it would be great if the point that many people don't want to unknowingly be the subject of someone else's photograph was acknowledged (rather than justifying your actions with reference to literary works).

To the extent that "the moment would be lost," presumably you could ask permission after taking the photographs. I'm guessing there will be justification for not doing that, either, since its possible the subject would ask you to delete the photo.

biebkriebels said...

Ha,ha,ha funny picture! Didn't see the tree rat at first, he is rather big.

Tim said...

i love how biebkriebels just ignores the anon from yesterday.. she's a real insider!

Thanks Cat for posting one of my pictures, although it's a relieve you didn't post one from the pond....... haha

complain all you want, it's a free world. Cat didn't say you can't complain. We, and I dare speak for most people I know, encourage complaining. It's fun, actually, and very human. i think we have both made our point of view clear. We will just have to agree to disagree. I think the discussion should end now because this is a blog that is meant to enjoy photography through displaying our experiences, not a discussion board on how to improve american civil law. There are literally thousands of other blogs more provocative and suitable to your needs. Thanks for your concern and the effort you put in.

CaT said...

bieb! yes, i also had to look twice! :)

anon: you did not get my opinion. but thats fine with me. clearly, its not about tom cruise, hes just an actor in this movie. im not saying we live in a 1984 world, i hope we never will. and i am not justifying anything; you did not get my point. there is nothing to justify.

but did you know, for example, that when you goto the doctor, and they take some blood from you, they always take a little extra? and that this little extra blood can be used for some minor experiments? and that this is perfectly legal, without asking your permission?
just saying... it has nothing to do with my photos and certainly is in no way to justify anything. but something to think about.. :)

Steffe said...

Nothing more fun than taking photos of strangers. Even better when someone gets a but upset about it.