Sunday, November 7, 2010

Subway office

this is at downtown crossing. i like this station a lot, and i think every time i am there, i take at least one picture. usually they turn out crappy, but i keep trying as there really is something to this station. i have been wanting to picture a subway office for a while now, but never dared. now i finally had my chance, as this office was empty, but i could take only one shot as the train was just arriving.
i think there is so much to see! someone scratched the glass, and what about the note "please keep area clean"? also the car calendar i find funny... shouldnt it be one with subwaytrains? all these offices are so sad.. and all have the same ugly, old-fashioned, PINKish telephone, here not so well visible, but in fact the main reason i wanted a picture of such an office... :)
when we just got here, i once wrote to the subway office; tim had bought a monthly pass in the last week of the month.. for 59 dollars, only to find out it was valid only for that week. a stupid mistake, maybe. but... a weekly pass you can buy at any day of the week, and logic told us a monthly pass would work the same way. and if not, surely the machine would warn you? unfortunately the office wrote me back that they were glad i like the MBTA (i thought i would increase my chances of getting a refund by telling them how great they are), but that a monthly pass is for a calendar-month, and explained me extensively what a calendar month is.... buuuhhhh!


Tim said...

the masturbatorium.

CaT said...

HAHAHAHAHA. as referring to a book by Burroughs.... running with scissors...