Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas tree!

this is at faneuil hall, the most touristy place in boston. today was the "tree lighting ceremony", which lasted from 11 in the morning until 6.30 in the evening (what did they do?!! was hanging all the lights included in the ceremony?). yes, now there are many, many lights there (this is only a small part). the tree is impressive, at least to me! and i guess to the little girl in the photo.... (she was posing for her mom, but her mother took soo many pictures that she obviously got bored)
there are now 25,000 lights.....
i guess from now on there will be more and more christmas decoration around, and its not even december!


biebkriebels said...

I like it, but that must have been a hell of a job to get all those lights in trees. How do they do that?

Tim said...

great shot..