Sunday, October 23, 2011

Boston bruins

this evening we were fortunate enough to see a game in the td garden with frank & manon. it was very interesting to see real americans during a sport event. of course i did not know the rules and i missed the first 2 goals. but i did notice that americans cant sit still. they get up, they leave, come back, go again.... and they say f*ck very, very, very often. also, they scream a lot and called the players f*cking douchebags (especially some guy behind us got very agitated during the game. he might have lost his voice...). i am certainly not going to take up ice hockey as my new hobby; everything seems to be allowed and it was pretty rough. the excitement was at its top when 2 players started to hit each other, and if i remember correctly, the boston guy managed to pull of the shirt from the san jose guy.
when it was clear boston was not going to win, there was a massive run for the exits, something we have noticed before with any event.... as soon as something is ended, or rather, is about to end, real americans leave... perhaps to avoid getting stuck when all the other people are leaving as well?


Tim said...

fuckin douche!!!!!!!! score already!!!

biebkriebels said...

Not my kind of sport either, all the f-words are allowed there? On television you hear bleeps all the time but at sport events you can say everything.

GUN said...

Check the role of the enforcers in ice hockey. Some of them died after the match.

I don't like this kind of sport. Uncle Jan in Toronto did like it a lot.

Manon said...

LOL, on the Wiki page mentioned by GUN there's a pic of Shawn Thornton (Boston Bruins) in action, fighting someone. He was the one picking that fight yesterday, a true enforcer indeed.