Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cant decide

how to turn this picture....! but it was the only way to get the text and the bridge. i posted a pic of it earlier, and everytime we are driving on it is a pleasure, so pretty! after that you enter a tunnel going into boston (or goto somerville and so on, the other direction), the thomas o'neill tunnel, part of the Big Dig, about which i will write some other time! (im every now and then reading in a book about the Big Dig, but you have to put it away after a few pages, as it rambles on and on about how great the tunnel constructions are for the highways leading into boston. each page has something about the "best this, the greatest that, the most enormousblablabla...". but thats for another time.
and this is a very recent pic, i took it this morning!!


Tim said...

i like it this way and its also how you took it?

CaT said...

yup, this is how i took it, i also thought in the end it was best to keep it this way