Thursday, November 4, 2010

My shoes

oooh, no time right now but still want to post. so a lazy one..
remember i wrote about american-lady-shoes?
here are mine!! the equivalent of the big white ugly ones... :)) but only for walking/hiking... they are a little too big on my feet for normal-day-use.... (i think)
but i did get to like them.... tim found them at marshalls for only 10 dollars, but was soooo disappointed to find them not fitting him, but surprise... they did fit me! and thus he made me buy them (or bought them for me; i guess thats most likely). only recently i really got to wear them. i like the effect they have on kids; they keep staring at them, sometimes then they stare at me.. most likely wondering why such an old person is wearing shoes they should wear! (but maybe thats just my imagination)
oohh, i forgot to add this link of another (dutch) photoblogger showing a cool shoe-work-of-art!!! i guess this unconsiously made me post something about shoes...


Tim said...

these are cat's hiking boots :)

Steffe said...

I can see the kids all pointing at you telling their parents that they want those shoes.

biebkriebels said...

Well that is an interesting shoe... Thank you for your reaction and the link on your blog. I didn't know the artist you named, but I like his paintings.