Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ordinary street

just an ordinary street in Allston.... but i found the name funny, no?
yesterday evening we did not goto the gym, and while sitting lazily on the couch i realized i dont like how our amazing furniture is arranged in our 3 months old new place. so we moved it all, and now i think it looks much better (besides, on sunday we finally hung some pictures on the wall. or rather, tim did; looks sooo great!!). ah, btw, we had to trash our pet, not enough flies present.. :( actually, when we just got our free couch, some people warned us about bedbugs and i got all freaked out but we are bedbug free! :) then... today i read that actually the NY Victoria secret store has/had bedbugs!! yegh....! (link here). how did they get there? arent all these panties coming straight from the factory? what does it all have to do with the above pic? nothing... just all as ordinary.. in other words, nothing special going on here.. :) and its raining!!


Tim said...

the picture was not taken in the red light district, unless you account Dutch exchange students to the former category..

CaT said...