Thursday, September 23, 2010

Victoria secreetjes

today was yet another beautiful, sunny day... we still have lunch outside... the americans around me are very eager to sit in the sun, as we should enjoy for as long as it lasts (oh winter! ). yesterday evening at 10 it was still so hot it almost was unpleasant!
this pic was taken at nantasket beach. these girls symbolize the Victoria secret generation. you can recognize the phenotype easily; very short shorts (i often wonder whether they forgot they're only wearing panties) or skirts/dresses. flip flops. lot of pink, and a bored look on their face. when talking, you will often (at least as a foreigner) not understand much, except the word "like" that seems to be said after every other word. so in dutch i call them victoria secreetjes, but how to translate that? literally: victoria "bitches", but that word does not fit at all...
for those of you who dont know what victoria's secret is: its a store with lots and lots and lots of colorful underwear. lots of pink, also, but also many clothes that arent pink at all, but have the word pink on it in big letters. ah yes, i also bought something there; a pink bathrobe (something not many stores sell here, i found out), but mostly i go into the store, wonder why, and run out again.. as you might know, the dutch Doutzen kroes modelled a lot for victoria's secret. i actually do not like at all how models are posing for victoria's secret, but maybe im just too old for it?

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Tim said...

i think they all have bed bugs..