Friday, April 23, 2010

Social Security

2 days ago my social security card arrived!! i had to wait 2 hours at the office to get it; they were sooooo slow. when it was finally my turn, the woman just typed over the form i had filled out (very slowly) and then she asked me to check for typos. then i waited eagerly for the mail. i thought it would be a real card; the first proof i really belong to the American system now... :)) but it is just a piece of paper....:( then i thought: let me laminate it, otherwise for sure some day it will be ruined, but what does it say above? indeed, "do not laminate"... besides, you are not supposed to carry it with you, and give no one, except for example your employer the number... (below the white stripe is my number; i am a real american and do not give it out to anyone!!).

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