Monday, May 31, 2010

Endlessly repeating

we were in the museum of modern art today. the entrance fee is 20 dollars, but today it was free because of Memorial day (which we in fact totally missed.. :( ah, and we did not have to work today!). above a part of a huge piece of art, called "Endlessly repeating twentieth-century modernism". it was really beautiful. with special mirrors the artist created a seemingly endless repetition of the objects; depicting the capitalist notion that all objects are eternally repeatable, that everything can be remanufactured endlessly without regard to era, geography, or culture. im not sure whether i agree with that (in fact i dont), but it was fascinating to look at. it had 4 sides, but it was placed stupidly, so one side you could not really look at. below there was a normal mirror, in which you could see yourself, from waist to feet. it was funny that most people totally ignored the beauty, and walked by, just looking at their reflected selves....
maybe another day i post a picture of the entire object.

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Tim said...

this was really beautiful!! i would like to crawl inside of it..