Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Superboring seminar

today i went to a seminar. but i could have known it would be boring. it was given by an MD, and about transplantation, or how to prevent rejection of a transplanted organ, i believe kidney but im not even sure! the seminar started much too late. and there was no speaker! instead, there were cameras and a screen, and a room somewhere at the other side of boston that also was equipped with a camera and all. at first there were just some seemingly random persons there, talking about soccer and foreigners and i dont know what, and then pizza came and everyone started to eat (also such a weird thing here. why isnt it possible to have a seminar WITHOUT eating large amounts of pizza, chips, coke and other unhealthy stuff?!). at last, the speaker arrived in that room, but first ate a slice of pizza -he is in the right corner, white shirt. below is the room where i was sitting. that room was almost empty, and it was sooooo boring! during the presentation, we saw the slides, but not the presenter, who on top of this did not speak a very clear English, so besides the utter dullness of the whole presentation and slides, i had no clue about which graph he was talking (sometimes there were many on one slide). aarrrghhh! after 1 hour of this misery i just left. that is the advantage of a long-distance-presentation: you can easily walk out...!

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