Sunday, June 27, 2010

US suffer

hahahaha, i loved sylvia's remark of yesterday.. and yes, the people in the pool did watch US suffer... especially when we had to move this couch... (and the kitchen table was hell as well..). even though the stairs were easy. there were 2 of them... and the couch was big and heavy and not elastic, unfortunately (if u look careful, you can see tim sitting in the corner, totally exhausted). getting it into our apartment also needed some higher math calculations.. and it was soooo warm! but we managed. now every muscle hurts and the apartment is one big mess. but its beautiful! we have 2 purple walls (light purple in living room, dark in bedroom), and we have many windows. lots of trees outside. i was woken up by hundreds of birds singing.. looking out of the window there is the pool in the bright sun... its as if we are on holiday!!


Diana Nijholt said...

wauwie! doe ns een foto van het zwembad! wat is jullie nieuwe adres?

Sylvia Neumann said...

ik wil er ook een adres:)