Saturday, July 17, 2010

Electric six

yesterday we were on a boat. to listen to electric six, a band from Detroit. ah well, i dont know them, but tim was crazy when he founc out there were cheap tickets, and that the concert would be on a boat floating around Boston. i liked that latter part and joined, as the music is rather ... well.. whenever he sometimes had it on, i asked him to switch to something else. :)
ah well, the views of boston were nice, unfortunatly no romantic sunset, it started raining instead. it was fun to observe all the different people there. 2 were in gala-outfit; they looked rather out of place. but maybe so did i, not going crazy on their music, but rather watching the sky, the planes taking off (one came really close!!), and the lightning! this is a pic of the guitar player, right after they were done. at first he was just walking "freely", and i found that soo weird! wasnt there no one who wanted to tell him how great it was? or whatever... but just as he started to go through the crowd (to get some attention?), a girl grabbed him and they talked for a while, then i lost track of him (ah, its the one in the white shirt on the left). according to tim he looked less impressive without his guitar (maybe thats why no one spoke to him; didnt recognize him anymore?), but this is all i saw from Electric six...

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Tim said...

its johnny nashinal!